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Farman Sherwani


In shocking news the quiet community of Allen, Texas was rocked that incident claimed the lives of four members of the Sherwani family. The investigation team investigating the matter of this incident Suspects a case of murder or suicide. The neighbors are struggling the research this incident. The people of Allen are grappling with disbelief about this event. This article details about untimely deaths of Farman -Sherwani, his wife Layla Sherwani, and their sons.

Police found a family claimed four dead in a murder or suicide in their Allen, Texas. In this accident, four people including Farman Sherwani, his wife Layla Sherwani, and two sons Mateen and Shaheen Sherwani. These bodies were discovered during a welfare check on Monday, and who family members when the call police.

In one week there were two incidents for the Sherwani family. Early in these days, Sherwani’s daughter died in drowning who was 4 years old. NBC News got an e-mail from Allen Police Sergeant Jonathan Maness noting this event “is believed to be a factor.”

A resident of the home was locked out.

When the Police Officers entered the house they said that four people in one family died from the gunshot.

Islamic Association said the dead bodies’ names identified Farman and Layla Sherwani. The mosque said that this event included two boys-Shaheen, 12, and Mateen, 2 were also killed.

One daughter died in this family member who died three weeks ago after drowning in a pool this statement gives a mosque. The police person Jonathan Maness said the drowning was a factor in Monday’s slayings.

David Hicks, Allen ISD spokesman confirmed the fifth grader who attended Olson Elementary School.

According to Hicks, One letter received from the school principal to Olson Elementary parents about the death. The counselors would be at the school Tuesday in a letter.

From the Islamic Association of Allen, they identified Farman Sherwani, his wife Layla Sherwani, and their sons Shaheen, 12, and Mateen 2, but police have not mentioned the names of the victims.

The mosque said in a newsletter we are deeply saddened by the passing of four family members. Three weeks ago this family’s daughter who 4-year-old died drowning in a pool according to the newsletter.

Abdul Rahman Bashir said this family is a member of the Islamic Association of Allen.

No one was ready to wake up to hear this news, let alone the family but even the congregation members who perhaps didn’t even know them, he told KDFW-TV.  According to me, they were a very close-knit family. Few relatives live some distance from each other.

The family was going through a difficult time after the drowning in a swimming pool of their daughter 4-year-old according to Abdul Rahman Bashir. It’s not easy for any family in this incident. They were very broken in this situation where many family members were here.

Bashir has been contacted for further comment

Bashir called into the mosque to talk to someone person they trust if the difficulties of their life are hard to bear, and also urged people to lend an ear to anyone who cries for help.

He said, we give a few minutes of time and care may be the difficult time into easy between life and death.

Abdul Rahman Bashir said in the mosque the Association for Psychological Services and licensed holder professional psychologists are available in the community every Tuesday evening for anyone in the community.

The Farman Sherwani were part of the Muslim community.

The religious director of the Islamic Association of Allen confirmed Lyian death. This news is given the NBC Dallas-Forth Worth by Imam Abdul Rahman Bashir. He also said this incident is very heartbreaking.

It’s something very hard and difficult to digest with the gravity of the situation, as the father of three children myself. Very difficult for families that may have been going through this. We just continue to encourage sorrow and grief in this time and we also encourage the difficult the sorrowful moment. He said every time in sorrow withstand each other all the community of Allen.

The family was buried on Tuesday.

According to Bashir, the family funeral, also prayer janaza took place on Tuesday. He explained that Muslim families pray janaza early as soon as possible. Islamic Association of Allen would partner with the Muslim Association of Psychological Services Bashir said. He said also MAPS helps the community grapple with tremendous loss.

Abdul Rahman Bashir told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth we reach out to the community where we need us. He also told us to reach out where it is that may trust to reach out in these tragic times. We offer the mosque and open the doors to help them and save them from difficult situations.

The deaths saddened neighbors.

The relative trying to get into the home was grandmother according to neighbor Jacqueline Soto told Fox 4. This relatively distraught grandmother was worried, she just trying to I guess control the grandmother. She said I controlled the grandmother who was incredibly upset herself.

According to Jacqueline Soto was incident who three weeks ago died Lyian in a pool was difficult for everyone. She said they all felt for the all family.

United Family Reaction

Before the death of Farman Sherwani just a week after the murder-suicide. It was sorrowful for his family. He had lost his daughter in an accident when she was just four years old and the community helped them to show their condolences during their time of grief

Impact on the Community

Sherwani’s family’s news of death sends a shocking wave in the community. They left reeling, struggling to comprehend. Four deaths occurred one aged was 2 years and the 2nd one was 12. They left many questions for the community. They also provide the importance of mental health and awareness.


In Texas, Allen all community is in a state of shock for the Farman Sherwani family incident. In this incident, all the people were shocked by four members’ deaths in a murder-suicide. about this moment event investigation continues, and the community comes together to remember the family’s vibrant spirit and support the tragedy. This shows the importance of mental health awareness and the support systems within communities for the loss of the sherwani family. Sherwani family accident where 4 person murder-suicide very difficult for the communities. May their souls rest and peace in sorrowful moments and their tragic fate serve for change and healing. May God help him and his soul rest in peace.

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