Spotted Job Scam

Spotted Job Scam

Spotted Job Scam you venture into the world of online job hunting, it’s vital to exercise caution and stay informed about potential threats from deceptive entities. Today we have recent findings regarding an online organization purporting to be a hiring authority for the United States Postal Service (USPS).

This deceptive company,, has been identified as operating from Burberry Way, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 is a fraud. A well-respected journalist Nicole Perlroth Report-1 and the cybersecurity research team have uncovered a significant data breach affecting 830,000 customers, revealing complete credit card records that were illicitly sold to third parties, raising concerns about potential future frauds.

Navigating the Online Job Market:

Imagine this – you are actively seeking a fulfilling job opportunity, especially with the reputable USPS, known for its competitive pay, regular salary increases, healthcare coverage, and a pension plan. You turn to an online search for USPS employment and click on what appears to be a promising result.

Suddenly, you are on a webpage featuring a video showcasing hard-working individuals, including veterans, involved in various USPS roles. The text boldly emphasizes the benefits you’re seeking. Spotted Job Scam site mirrors the USPS official page, complete with the logo. All that’s left is to provide your credit card information, and you’re promised a job or your money back.

Warning Signs:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rightly states, “Scammers advertise jobs. The same way honest employers do – online, in newspapers, on job sites, and on social media. They promise jobs while seeking your money and personal information.” The dubious site in question charges $49, claims hiring authority. And deceitfully asserts a money-back guarantee, a claim contradicted by BBB reviews.

Confirmed Scam:

The journalist Sheera Frenkel investigated Report-2, confirming as a complete scam. This serves as a critical public service announcement, aimed at shielding job seekers from falling prey to fraudulent activities.

Beyond the scam, these malicious sites are involved in copyright infringement. The theft of personal and financial data, and legal battles with the FTC. The exposed data breach discloses the sale of customer data dating back to 2015, including real-time payment records. And usernames/passwords handed over to cybercriminals in China.

The leak also unveils deceptive practices, such as using the name of Dennis V. Damp, an author and veteran federal employee, to gain trust and reliability.

Protect Yourself:

When looking for federal employment, exercise caution and avoid companies promising guaranteed jobs for a fee. Instead, apply directly through the official USPS channels, as legitimate applications with the USPS are always 100% free.

Note: The U.S. Postal Inspection Service has identified and subsequently closed a list of malicious domains associated with And [Prohibited Renewal OR Transfer]. The case is actively progressing with FCT and the Postal Inspection Service with zero tolerance for culprits.

Stay vigilant and prioritize your online safety when exploring career opportunities.

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