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Connie Frisbee the wife of Lonnie Frisbee is a native of California but in 1973 Lonnie and Connie Frisbee split up. The most crucial component of Lonnie’s life was Connie Frisbee because the young man was a devout Christian who had previously taken part. He was taken part in a number of initiatives that challenged Christians’ religious views.

Connie Frisbee did not have a quiet childhood like other children Lonnie had a difficult upbringing.

He met connie frisbee houde in 1960s the love of his life while attempting to find serenity. They had intended to live out the rest of their lives together but things did not work out the way they had hoped. They were so much in love but they charming couple split up in 1973.

1 Connie Frisbee: Who is she? Wikipedia

Her ex-husband’s profile features several references to her although Connie Frisbee is not currently included on Wikipedia. She receives extensive coverage from several blogs and news in addition. She rarely appears in the media or on the internet but very little is known about her right now.

At the age of 13 to get away from the harmful surroundings sources claim that Connie left her family. She afterward joined several gangs that were actively in drugs these days while living in Silverado Canyon. Where California connie and lonnie frisbee met they had many interests which helped them. They were able to enjoy themselves for a while which helped them build a strong connection.

Since she was married to Lonnie the relationship did not happy conclusion because she started seeing another man as a result the couple’s relationship ended in 1973.

Wife of Lonnie Frisbee

Connie Frisbee today has not made her age discussion in the press however based on how she seems she appears to be in her late 70s. Since the lady has kept to herself to avoid unneeded media attention previously noted. Not much is known about her the former couple first met in the 1960s.  

She was raised in a pretty hazardous atmosphere as well she revealed in one of her interviews. When she was 13 her mother hit her while she was completely naked. Connie was a drug addict before she met her then-husband. Her marijuana addiction had made her life miserable.

She grew up in contributed to her becoming a hippy she also claimed that her childhood. Her alcoholic mother and drug-addicted stepfather. She fled her home to get away from the anguish. She was experiencing every day as a result of the horrifying conduct.

Wife of Lonnie Frisbee and connie frisbee

Connie Frisbee joined motorcycle gangs and started dealing with narcotics later. She began using such substances as well which she now regrets after being persuaded by her surroundings.

A Matter of “Truth” and “Connie Frisbee’s Surprising Reaction To Jesus Revolution Movie”

Including a link to an interview with connie frisbee still alive so much covered in this Lighthouse Trails article. The wife of Lonnie Frisbee who was featured in the movie Jesus Revolution incredibly the filmmakers did not seek to contact Connie Frisbee during the making of the movie.

During the sixties and seventies revival did occur but it happened when people became desperate enough to hunger. After truth, until they got it, it was God’s response to genuinely seeking hearts. The greatest flaw of the movie is double-faceted in that perhaps, as Connie Frisbee explains.

a) It may leave the viewer with the idea that the Jesus movement was largely the fruit and to the credit of Calvary Chapel. When in fact people were getting saved all over the place happening spontaneously. Throughout the world apart from Frisbee or Calvary Chapel there are a lot of people taking bows.

b) It was whitewashed if the truth were known I would not look so good Lonnie would not look great. Chuck Smith would not look good Greg Laurie would not look good. God would be looking stellar but who would look good?

Connie Frisbee’s Jesus Revolution’ movie

She is perhaps the greatest authority about Lonnie’s life and his central role as the hippie preacher of the Jesus movement as Lonnie Frisbee’s former wife. The filmmakers failed to contact Connie or consult her about the movie. But inexplicably an actress portraying Connie appears in Jesus Revolution.

They explained to her in an apologetic Zoom call a few weeks ago they thought she was dead.

Brandy watched it in a theater in Tulsa Connie learned about the film after her stepdaughter. Oklahoma and told a friend sitting next to her I think that my mom. Brandy did not believe the portrayals in the film matched the stories told by her mother she called Connie immediately with the shocking news.

She told God Reports for two days I could not stop crying I have to say it broke me. You could not reach out to me you could reach out and find out I could not believe that as a Christian. You were going to put a facsimile of me in a movie you could not let me know that.

Jesus Revolution’ movie

This is the only thing Lonnie bought me besides my wedding ring. A dress I could not wear anywhere think out of his indian money. Lonnie got money from the government for being Half Cherokee Chawtaw.

It provoked a strong reaction when she went to see the movie. I can tell you that 90% of the movie is not true Connie maintains. The truth is that dealing with people is very messy and they want to make it very tidy. It just stinks to high heaven to me and whitewashed it they have tidied it all up so much that not how it was.

The filmmakers chose fan-favorite Jonathan Roumie 48 to portray Lonnie you know that Lonnie and I showed up at Calvary Chapel. Undoubtedly because of his superb characterization of Jesus in the Chosen. Within the first six weeks of being married, Lonnie was 18 and I was 19 she recounts. The thirty-year age gap between Roumie and her husband.

Jonathan Roumie as Lonnie Frisbee.

Pastor Chuck Smith refused to put the young couple on a salary at the church which left them in desperate financial circumstances for whatever reason. I was in such a state of exhaustion we were working so hard she recalls. We never had a day off by the time we were at the Blue Top Motel. connie and lonnie were living communally from the time we were married we had people living in our house. We get no salary.

Connie and Lonnie after leaving Calvary Chapel

She appeared after she and Lonnie left Calvary Chapel Connie has no recollection of Greg Laurie’s girlfriend. The Bible study in Riverside that was handed over to Laurie Greg Laurie took everything. Lonnie did and mimicked him very successfully.

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